Kohler Power Systems

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Kohler Power Systems consist of the various Kohler Generators + compatible Transfer Switches therefor.

Essentially, Kohler Power Systems (generators) are mostly 'geared' towards residential application(s); although, a few models actually perform rather well under commercial-sized loads.

Below, we'll outline the most requested/purchased models, along with some of the available transfer switches
as well.

Again, as aforementioned, Kohler Generators are prominently engineered for residential/home employment—natural gas/liquid propane powers this line of equipment.

There is (practically) very little, if any, difference between one's implementation of these machines with natural gas or propane; however, as with virtually anything, there are people who retain preferences nevertheless.

Kohler Generators obtain an (inferred) advantage over several other brands' due to the fact that, in part, the corresponding transfer switches with which units are paired, happen-to-be industry-leading.

Another welcome benefit of Kohler is the ability to use a wide-range of transfer switches with an equal number of variant generators.

For example, Kohler RXT-JFNC-0100A, RXT-JFNC-0200A, RXT-JFNC-0400A, RXT-JFNC-0100B, RXT-JFNC-0100ASE, RXT- JFNC-200ASE, RXT- JFNC-0400ASE Transfer Switches can be utilized with Kohler 14RESA, 14RESAL, 20RESA, and 20RESAL Generators, respectively.

Not only does this afford tremendous flexibility/convenience, but, also empowers end-users to both research, purchase the best suited product(s) for their situation(s).

Now, at this time, we're going to open-up the 'floor' to anyone who'd like to provide some feedback, or, experiences with Kohler Home Generators and Transfer Switches.

Feel free to speak as much (or as little) as You'd like on the subject; we look forward to everyone's interaction(s)...

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Kohler 20RESAL and RXT- JFNC-0200ASE Transfer Switch
by: Robert Mack

Hi. Was visiting the site as I do sometimes to learn more about equipment, and decided to share my experience with this particular genset.

For background, my wife runs a day care out of an addition to our country home that was built last summer.

Being that she (we) must take EVERY precaution to insure the health of the little ones, we invested in the Kohler 20RESAL generator and RXT- JFNC-0200ASE transfer switch.

The entire system is easy to operate and fool proof (as long as you don't falsely impersonate a technician.)

Oh, I actually prefer propane powered generators so that's what I use for this one.

Pros & Cons of Kohler Power Systems
by: Mike (NY, NY)

About 3 years back, we bought a Kohler 14RESA generator to help run my wood shop out back.

For the most part, I like how the system runs as it's pretty tolerably quiet for the sheer size and output of the motor.

We actually use natural gas with ours, but considered testing it with propane a few months ago.

Not really sure what the difference is between the two, but natural gas is so easily accessible since our stove and heater already use it.

The only qualm I raise with Kohler Generators is that they aren't the most sleek looking units around, but I'm pleased with the performance.

Didn't know Kohler made generators
by: Anonymous

I actually never knew Kholer made generators or power systems for that matter.

Always thought that they only made faucets and things like that.

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