Kohler Natural Gas Home Generators

by Editorial Staff Member

Kohler Natural Gas Home Generators are, actually, liquid propane powered generators as well.

This seemingly 'impractical' fact is the result of advanced engineering, invaluable years-of-experience in electric backup power manufacturing.

Technically, Kohler Standby Generators can be effectively powered-by either natural gas or liquid-propane fuels.

Thus, we feel compelled to illuminate the fact that the equipment can only be utilized by one (1) of these gases at a time.

(For example, an owner/operator must decide which fuel he'd like to use prior to engaging the equipment; it is NOT possible to utilize both natural gas + propane gas concurrently.)

Furthermore, due to this fact, the relative 'Power Capacities' for each fuel-type (slightly) varies...

As aforementioned, there is a consequential variance in ultimate output capabilities for both fuel types.

Subsequently, we will list the most common Kohler Generators, along with their corresponding natural gas 'power-numbers'...

(1)  Kohler 30RESA: 27kW (Kilowatts), 27,000 Watts;

(2)  Kohler 20RESAL: 18kW (Kilowatts), 18,000 Watts;

(3)  Kohler 20RESA: 18kW (Kilowatts), 18,000 Watts;

(4)  Kohler 14RESAL: 12kW (Kilowatts), 12,000 Watts;

(5)  Kohler 14RESA: 12kW (Kilowatts), 12,000 Watts;

(6)  Kohler 8.5RES: 7kW (Kilowatts), 7,000 Watts.

Comments for Kohler Natural Gas Home Generators

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Propane Generators Rock
by: Anonymous

I'm with Paul: propane powered generators are the way to go in my book.

Natural gas home generators seem to be a bit less powerful than the propane run ones that I've experience with.

Although, it was cool to find this site because it always adds new info that I wasn't aware of before.

One example is how the BIG Kohler 30resa generators are liquid cooled while the smaller ones are air cooled.

Another one is the fact that all Kohler standby generators can use both fuel varieties, so it doesn't hinder you if a certain preference exists.

I prefer Propane Powered Generators
by: Paul L.

Saw Bob's request and thought I might help-out with coming to a decision.

Over the past 20 or so years I have owned virtually all types of equipment around and have a real affinity for generators in particular.

There have been many times where my family and I have relied solely upon our standby generator for days at a time.

So, I have a fairly relevant insight to this question and really prefer propane over natural gas.

This is not exclusive to Kohler Generators either; I like liquid propane grills, lamps, etc...

Hope this helps!

Is Kohler 14RESA Better With NG or LP
by: Bob

Hi all.

I've been looking around for a new standby generator for my home and wanted to stimulate a discussion about the most favorable fuel usage with this model.

It is pretty cool that Kohler has built the 14RESA like many other models, whereby you can choose which gas is best for your concerns.

In the past, I owned a Kohler 8.5RES Generator and always ran it on propane, but my son has a 14RESAL and swears by natural gas for it.

Finally, I'm a little torn between what to do since I have to make a decision in a couple weeks.

I'd love to hear from anyone with experience using both fuel types (natural gas and liquid propane) and has a preference based on first hand experience.

Maybe the writers of the site can weigh in on this as well.

Thanks in advance for the help and the opportunity to broadcast/post my inquiries here on this site!

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