Champion Generators for Home Use

by Editorial Staff

Champion Generators for Home Use—a relatively new category for machinery aficionados and reserve power operators in general.

Naturally, this is because Champion Power Equipment is an up-start in contrast to some of the more established brands in the emergency power industry.

That being said,
Champion Generators can be nice finds for the astute shopper and well researched buyer nonetheless.

The main thing we would stress to look for when buying any portable generator for home use is that one makes certain that it's capable of sustaining requisite capacities of prospective residential load(s).

For example, the
Champion 41535 is a Category 5, 7500 Watt,

CARB Compliant, portable gas generator & a very effective model for home application.

This becomes even more important if the 41535 (or any model for that matter!) will be the only reserve power source in-the-event-of an interruption.

Champion Generators for Home Use must be separated from their more common, general lines of portable models which may not be sufficient for an average-to-midsized family.

Thus, with the specific purpose of residential application, we would recommend the Champion Heavy-Duty Series which is much more robust than the lighter classes.

Champion's Heavy-Duty Category submits a compelling option for home generators because they operate surprisingly quietly for the levels of energy output.

(Naturally, among other Heavy-Duty models, you can find great deals on the
Champion 41535 in our Champion Power Equipment Discount Store... )

Additionally, all of the most common, accessible fuels can be utilized with the various groups of Champion Generators.

In order to determine the best heavy-duty model for your needs, it will mostly hinge on the numerous variables for each individual's situation; however, the
Champion 41533 is definitely one of the top selections of whole house generators .

It's a sturdy build, and can be easily transported thanks to the wheels and handles on which the generator's mounted—similar to how a dolly works—it's not difficult to carry heavier objects when proper weight distribution is accounted for in the design of an apparatus.

Moreover, a few other robust Champion Models (which happen to also be CARB
Compliant) are:

(a) Champion 41536; 7200 Running Watt, electric start, portable gas variety

(b) Champion 41537 ; 9375 Peak Wattage (7500 Running) with electric start capability

(c) Champion 41534; an excellent gas model—50 Amp output, a top-selection of RV Operation, great for home use as well.

Another interesting aspect about Champion Power Equipment is its yellow-and-black color scheme, which really makes it easy-to-spot in a crowded toolshed or garage...

Take a look at how vibrant this
Champion 42431 is and how much

more convenient it would be to locate; notwithstanding a lack of ample light.

This may not seem like a big deal, but when power's out and there's absolutely no light (except for a modest flashlight), 'stumbling-around' for a generator is the last thing one wants to do.

Adding to their easy-to-locate color palette, is the convenient starting functionality of
Champion 42431 Generators; one pull, and they're off-and-running!

In conclusion, if one is considering
Champion Generators for Home Use , we encourage them to pursue the current options—Champion is growing its reputation for producing some 'best-of-breeds' in the market-place.

Historically associated exclusively with smaller, portable generators, Champion Power Equipment has diversified its 'offerings' to now include a wide-range of more powerful categories.

Again, be sure that your selection is capable of handling minimum home load(s) for at least a few hours without refueling.

(There are a variety of options that'll suffice:)

(i) Champion 46515—tremendously popular, 3500 Watt gasoline powered machine

(ii) Champion 41533— CARB Compliant with 9200 Peaks Watts, can be (conveniently) started via remote

(iii) Champion 41535—Very sturdy at slightly over 230 lbs., equipped with a nearly six (6) gallon fuel tank; 7500W affords sufficient 'range' to energize the majority of tasks that'll be commissioned.

Any of these models will maximize user-experience & be an effective generators for home use…

In conjunction with quiet operation and reliable starting performance, (portable)
Champion Generators for Home Use are fully optimized for travel, on-the-go re-location; establishing a unique category in the growing field of new and 'not-so-new' manufacturers.

Comments for Champion Generators for Home Use

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Champion Generators Look Cool
by: Dave N.

Hi to everyone out there.

Just received my Champion 41537 Generator a couple of days ago.

I looked around online, compared prices, and found this site had the best prices.

Was not sure I was in the right place because it looks different than others that only have products and prices.

I was happy to find a lot of information here, but ultimately wanted to buy something too so I clicked under the Online Stores section of the NAVBAR and found the Champion Store.

Really happy with the fast delivery and even happier with how slick Champion Generators look.

The Champion 41533 Is What I Use at Home
by: Steven

Been a fan of this site for a while now and thought it was time that I broke the ice and weighed in on this topic.

I've been really pleased with my family's Champion Generators (that's right we own three of 'em) and think they give us good value for what we paid for each one.

The smallest one we own if the 46515 model, but we use the bigger Champion 41533 for our home.

Living in California, we had to make sure it was approved by the Regulatory Board before we could use it here.

If not we would have received a huge fine which I can't afford to be frank.

Anyway, after buying the two smaller models locally, we decided to go online to hopefully find better pricing since the next one would be a bit more expensive.

After doing a quick search for "Champion 41533" we went to the top sites on the list to see what they had to offer.

The first couple were kind of frustrating since they offered next to no information or unique experience that would reassure us that this model was right.

I must admit that I don't have the best patience, but my wife is great & helped keep me calm as we looked through the next few sites.

I'm glad she did b/c that's exactly how we found this site.

To make a long story short, we spent the next hour or so on this site and were sure that we had just found our new merchant.

A week later after I got paid, we ordered the Champion 41533 from the Champion Discount Store here and received a perfect generator sooner than expected.

Sorry I didn't mean to write so much, but I wanted to say thanks to the workers and staff of this site for a great experience and product!

EDITOR'S REPLY:  Hello, Steven...

We're delighted to know that we were able to assist You—both with information provision—and the Champion 41533 that You purchased.

Our staff is 100% committed to offering genuine, experience-derived insight; all while underpinning those efforts with competitive pricing + excellent service.

Thanks for the warn, thoughtful post—don't hesitate to contact us if we can help You with anything in the future.



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