If You're even vaguely familiar with the Champion 41533 Generator, then it's no secret that this portable gas model is a joy to work with, operate.

So much so, in fact, this past weekend I spent the whole Saturday outside testing how my most essential household appliances functioned while plugged-into this equipment.

Anti-climatically, everything ran smoothly without even the slightest of 'hiccups.'

In all of my years of experience, rarely have I utilized portable gas generators with such a wide-range of electronics, and, felt totally confident that I would be 'A-OK' in the wake of an extended outage.

This is exactly the confidence I received with this Champion Generator—now, I just have to make sure I keep enough gas on-hand to actually run it if necessary.

For kicks, and to help ease the time-passage, I even hooked up a 32" HD TV to it so I could watch something while I completed the battery-of-tests.

Half way through the day, I began to realize that a small family could actually make-do with something smaller than Champion 41533 portable gas generators.

For example, perhaps a medium-duty model of Champion Generator would better suit someone(s) that would only rely on portable gas generators if absolutely mandatory.

(In this scenario, I'm describing those who have already installed a propane or natural gas home generator—the portable Champion Generator would only be needed if, for some reason, the fuel tanks either ran dry or were inadequately filled altogether.)

Another fun/practical attribute of this Champion Generator is the remote start mechanism with which this model has been engineered.

The fun aspect of this 'remote-start-capability' came when I couldn't help but catch my dog, who just knew he was in a perfect spot for an afternoon nap, off-guard...

Peering from inside the tinted screen windows of the back porch, I abruptly started up the generator from about 12 feet away.

Needless to say, Bruno, my 80lb. Rottweiler, was certain that he was being attacked by the 'possessed' Champion Generator.

(I haven't seen Bruno move so fast in years!)

Furthermore, the practical side of the remote start functionality was realized when I wanted to start an electric space heater without going all-the-way back down stairs, outside to do so.

I wanted the area to be nice-and-toasty prior to my return to the area.

Naturally, there are countless other reasons why someone would value such a feature as remote-start—especially at a camp-site, hunting grounds, or similar 'voyaging-conquest.'

To wrap-up this section, we'll discuss the technical ratings for Model #41533.

(i) This Champion Generator is CARB Compliant which means it is officially certified to be used within the state boundaries of California.

(ii) Power Capacity of 7200 Watts (running) and a 9200 Watt Peak Output.

(iii) Ample-range, remote start functionality.

(iv) Low, 'residential-ready,' 70 dBA noise rating—impressively tolerable for heavy-duty portable gas generators.

(v) Can be efficiently run for over 10 hours at fifty-percent (50%) capacity.

Champion Power Equipment fabricates many models of portable gas generators, and, its Champion 41533 is definitely one to-be-proud-of!

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