For Universal Peace-of-Mind, There Are No Greater Assets Than Generators

Not only are generators essential components of the (obvious) commercial, industrial 'realms,' but, play major roles in the sustenance and well-being of countless individuals as well.

Take large-scale disaster relief for example: without access to, and the implementation of portable generators, literally, thousands of

people would be deprived of the most fundamental resources of civilized societies.

Definitely, there would 'be no lights,' and, in many areas, heat, stoves, and critical communications devices would be out-of-commission due to lack of electricity to supply power thereto. And in that same vein, it's also important to have a reasonable stockpile of discount wholesale goods to sustain oneself throughout the hard times.

Furthermore, backup energy is also relied upon in less dire situations…

Portable reserve power is especially important for outdoors, on-the-go, or general travel expeditions; gas generators (of all varieties) are by far the most 'in-demand' of portables—simply because gas is the most accessible fuel, relatively speaking.

Now, with respect to which generators are best suited for a particular task/job/adventure, we must first develop guidelines by which we will make our assessments going forward...

Residential emergency usually rated with a capacity at, or near, 6+ Kilowatts, while heavy-duty portables range from 7000+ Watts.

Light-use, medium-duty, and recreational models (such as inverters), are generally classified by an output of less than 7000 Watts.

(Each of the latter three (3) categories are, of course, portable electric power suppliers.

Other distinguishing factors between a fixed, standby Generac set-up, and portable varieties are:

(a)  The greater strength of whole house equipment.

(b)  The inability of a conventional home variety to be (easily) re-located.

(c)  Portable backup power is lighter, oftentimes gas-powered, conveniently transported as needed.

(d)  Fixed/home/standby generators are much more cumbersome, powerful, widely used with natural gas or propane, and are by no means 'mobile.'

Important:  Being that whole house reserve energy is designed to provide ultimate protection (and convenience!), it's 'hard-wired' into the electrical panel of the home.

This, in turn, makes the equipment 'fixed' to the structure and automatically reinstates power in result of failure or interruption by the utility company.

In addition to the enhanced comfort, longevity, and functionality of whole house generators, a (justified) higher price tag accompanies these set-ups; juxtaposed to an off-the-shelf portable.

Finally, fixed emergency power requires yet one (1) more component to operate-as-designed:  A Transfer Switch.

Basically, the Transfer Switch allows the machine to 'transfer' electricity out-of the alternator, and into the electrical infrastructure of the building.

Nowadays, this intuitive process is controlled by sophisticated sensors and 'smart-computers' engineered within transfer switches themselves.

Once power failure is detected (instantaneously) by the computers, the equipment 'picks-up' where the power company 'left-off,' and the transfer switch safely, efficiently restores power to the home...

(Power outage? What power outage!?!)

Not when you're adequately prepared & protected by quality, well-made, reserve energy equipment!

To wit, a few of the more prominent, reputable names in residential emergency power are:  Generac Generators, Cummins, Onan, and Kohler.

Similar to reliable standbys, portable gas units, such as Honda Generators afford us

maximum peace-of-mind, flexibility when away from our (fortified) home-base.

Again, in terms of mobility, there are several relatively cheap Honda Generators that pioneer in both capacity, and, diversity-of-selection.

Portable backup power is exceptionally versatile, manufactured by several brands contemporaneously.

The competition is stiff, the market-place is grand; all of which being good news for we consumers.

Not only does greater competition facilitate more favorable (retail) pricing, but compels companies to maintain quality product(s), service, and market-share through innovation, R&D...

Thus, better, more efficient equipment leads to a broader, more satisfied customer-base—an organic win-win for everyone!

Cheap, portable gas Honda Generators have experienced increased demand over the years; thanks-to an expanding demographic of avid outdoorsmen and RV enthusiasts alike.

What's more, camping, hunting, and general back-yard 'get-togethers' have yet to go-out-of-style either.

In addition to Honda, there is no shortage of viable selection(s) in regards to cheap, portable backup energy; however, Champion Generators have proven to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding voyages.

Champion Power Equipment, is a California Corporation which builds a number of CARB Compliant and/or EPA Certified products.

Feel free to take-a-look at our Champion Power Equipment inventory.

Champion is a rapidly-rising 'player' in the field of portable electric energy and backs all of its machinery by a generous, two (2) year warranty.

To summarize what we've touched upon, and to outline what you will gain from this site, please, take note of the following...

(i)  Fixed emergency power is hard-wired into a facility so-as-to automatically restore electricity in result of an outage.

(ii)  The inherent convenience, capacity justifies a more substantial (monetary) investment; although, money would be the last thing on one's mind if ever separated from electricity for an extended period of time—survival would be the only concern!

(iii)  Whole house supply requires an additional component for optimal (correct) employment: Transfer Switches.

(iv)  Natural Gas, Propane models are more efficient (and common) for home/commercial application(s).

(v)  A few of the top brands in this space are Generac, Onan, Cummins, and Kohler.

(vi)  Portable electric generation is frequently driven-by gasoline engines.

(vii)  Portables are considerably more versatile in terms of re-location feasibility.

(viii)  Camping trips, hunting expeditions, general outdoors activities are prime opportunities to utilize mobile gas-powered equipment.

(ix)  Two (2) of the leaders in mobile energy supply are: Honda, and, Champion (a constituent of Champion Power Equipment.)

In conclusion, to learn more about portable Honda Generators, whole house generators, and reserve power overall, browse our GENERATORS section located on the Navigational Tool-bar to the left.

Naturally, in addition to learning as much as you'd like, you will have the opportunity to purchase many of the products about which we write.

ALL transactions are 100% safe, secure, and backed by our 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' Promise that we'll do everything possible to ensure You are unquestionably happy with Your purchase, and/or any issues/concerns therewith.

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